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zig zag pizzazz

zig zag pizzazz

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a 3D intarsia scarf pattern and yarn kit

The Pattern

If we think of knitted fabric just like a sheet of paper, and we can fold sheets of paper into amazing shapes then we can fold knitted fabric too. Garter stitch is such a strong, static fabric with no desire to turn or twist in any particular direction. Stocking stitch columns (vertical and diagonal) want to turn the fabric, and I used this natural inclination to create folds.

This pattern uses garter stitch, stocking stitch and twisted stitches to create the fabric. Intarsia is used to manage colours. Difficulty level: intermediate.

The Yarn

The colour theory set has 45 colours, each colour dyed using the same three dyes, just in different proportions. This precision dyeing really interests me: that you can change a colour recipe by less than a milligram, and a whole new colour is created. This is the ultimate gradient set, and I wanted to come up with a pattern that would compliment it well. I love how the folds in the fabric create their own mini variations in colour from the shadows.

There is a total of 240g / 1665m yarn per set, 5g / 37m per colour and includes a swatch ball for gauge swatches.

Techniques used: garter stitch, stocking stitch, twisted stitches, intarsia. Difficulty level: advanced.

In the kit you will get:

- a pdf of the pattern 

- a colour theory yarn set which includes a swatching ball


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