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colour theory

colour theory

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I'm aiming to start shipping at the end of August

These are the rich, dark colours of autumn: gold, flame, spruce, plum, grey, rust... Sitting in front of a wood fire, coffee and biscuits to hand, working with the softest yarn... Heaven!

Every colour is a mix of three dyes, just in different proportions and are as saturated as I could possibly dye them. Each time I make these sets my heart gives a little skip. It fascinates me how just one tiny 1mg difference in dye can completely change a colour. The primaries I chose for this rainbow set aren't the usual normal printer CYMK dyes. I'm using ones that yield colours of depth and complexity, and there are great neutrals in there too. I'm probably proudest of them!

As you work with them, watch how colours slowly morph into their opposite. Which colour is your favourite?

This heavy lace-weight cashmere is certified organic, traceable and sustainable. The quality is incredible, you feel like you're working with butter.

Each ball is 5g or 37m and the total for the set is 230g / 1665m, including a swatch ball for experimenting and working out gauge before beginning your project.

You get:

  • 45 clearly labelled balls of cashmere yarn
  • 1 clearly labelled ball of cashmere yarn for swatching
  • a yarn map so you know how to order your set
  • a box to keep them in

A brilliant pattern for this yarn is Olga Jazzy's Aranami Shawl, but this weight of yarn is great for any scarf project. Cashmere is 8 times warmer than wool, so you can create a beautiful light fabric and still be toasty warm.

You could supplement this yarn set with a neutral grey, if you like.

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