about me


chroma - the purity of a colour or its freedom from white or grey

nima - thread or yarn


I've always loved colour. David Hockney's Yorkshire series with his contrasting woods or Kenneth Noland's stripes had me endlessly fascinated. Why that colour? I would try and apply my love of colour to my knitting projects and was frustrated by the limited choices in the shops: there was always a colour I was missing that I couldn't get, or a colour in slightly the wrong hue. I decided to start dyeing my own yarn and that was very liberating. 


I believe in living as sustainably and responsibly as possible. I've experimented with reducing the amount of water in my dyeing, and now only use a third of what I used to. I don't use toxic auxiliaries or mordants and take care to ensure my dye baths are fully exhausted. I use sustainable dyes from a founding member of the global Responsible Care® initiative and signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, and botanical dyes that produce light fast and wash fast results. All my packaging is from recycled paper and are recyclable. The electricity used to dye my yarn is from renewable sources. I'm so happy to be able to offer fully sustainable, traceable and organic cashmere. 


 - Vicky Streater