care of your cashmere

The commercial acid dyes I use are very wash and light fast, and are founders of the global Responsible Care® initiative. The botanical dyes I work with have been chosen for their light and wash fast qualities but are nonetheless more fragile and over time their colour will shift and fade. I consider this not to be a fault, but consequence of use and enjoyment.

To preserve your chroma nima heirloom, store it out of the sun. Hand wash it gently in cold water, wrap it in a towel and squeeze it dry. Try not to agitate or wring it. Then reshape and dry flat. For your botanically dyed items, soak for only a few minutes.

 I've teamed up with the Clothes Doctor who manufacture great care products in Cornwall that use natural, sustainably sourced and cruelty free ingredients only, and their packaging is infinitely recyclable.

Here is their clothing care guide and they also offer a repair service.