Aranami Shawl

Olga Buraya-Kefelian's Aranami Shawl is a great pattern for the colour theory kit. By orientating the colour theory set in different ways to outline the scallop shape, it’s really fun to see how the gently shifting colours, barely changing from one ball to the next, guide you to the opposite colour. 


- I used 3mm needles and doubled up the yarn to get gauge
- I cast on 50 stitches per motif instead of 36
- Row 1 (the cast on row) and row 2 are knitted in a contrasting colour (see the schematic below)
- Row 3 onwards is knitted in the main colour (as per schematic)
- Use the schematic below for an idea of how to position colours. There will be 9 tiers instead of 10.

- for the final tier, knit the first two contrast rows as normal, then the first row of main colour as per normal. Row 1 you would knit 34 stitches before wrapping and turning, Row 2, wrap and turn after 20 stitches. Once your final tier motifs have been knitted, break yarn and slide your work to the other end. Using colour A9, knit two rows and cast off. If you run out of A9, move onto A8. 



      shades of perspective cashmere knitting kit


      Aranami Shawl schematic