knit by numbers scarf


The Knit by Numbers Scarf was designed to showcase the colour gradients in the Colour Theory set because you can trace the path between each primary. Most colours are used twice, a few just the once. The resultant fabric reminds me of a Paul Klee painting, or hills in the sunset. Use my scheme for ordering your colours, make up your own or mix it up!



a Colour Theory set by Chroma Nima which contains 78 x 2g balls of lace weight pure sustainable, traceable, organic cashmere yarn. There is enough yarn to knit two of these scarves

needles to achieve gauge (suggested 2.75mm)

needles a size larger than above, for casting off (suggested 3mm)

tapestry needle to weave in ends

11 stitch markers if desired


34 stitches = 10cm / 4 inches in plain stocking stitch. I used 2.75mm needles to achieve this. Use the yarn marked 'swatch' in your set.


Final Measurements: width 25cm / 10 inches, length 150cm / 60 inches




Cast on 120 stitches in colour 78.

On the next row (set up row), you’ll be following the schematic from bottom left to right (left to right because you’ll be purling, not knitting). Having cast on with colour 78, you’ll purl 10 stitches and then change to the next colour to the right in the schematic, in this case colour 76 and purl 10; after that, colour 73 and purl 10; then 69 etc. until you finish the row with colour 1. When changing colour, use the intarsia twist technique of picking up the new thread from underneath the old, so that the two different coloured yarns are interlinked.

Set up row (WS): (P10, PM, ChC) 11 times , P10  

Row A (RS): (SSK, K7, M1R, K1, SM, ChC, K1, M1L, K7, K2Tog, ChC) 5 times, SSK,  K7, M1R, K1, SM, ChC, K1, M1L, K7, K2Tog.

Row B (WS): (P10, SM, ChC) 11 times, P10.

Repeat rows A and B until work measures 12.5cm / 5 inches from the start of that  colour, ending on row A or RS. Change to the next vertical colour for each section  according to the schematic, so that you’ll be changing colours on Row B (WS).  Colour 78 is exchanged for 77, colour 76 for 74 etc.   After finishing the chart on row A (RS) when entire work measures 150cm / 60 inches, change to larger needles and cast off on row B (WS) using just one colour. 




Weave in ends, soak in cold water for a couple of minutes with a little wool soap, gently squeeze excess water out in a towel without wringing and dry flat.



ChC - change colour to next in the schematic, taking the new colour from underneath the old

K2Tog - knit two stitches together (one stitch decreased)

M1L - backwards loop cast on (increase one stitch to the left)

M1R - reverse backwards loop cast on by creating the backwards loop and twisting it the other way so that the tail falls to the right instead of the left (not sure about this!!)

P - purl

PM - place marker

RS - right side

SM - slip marker

SSK - slip next stitch knit-wise, slip back to left needles and knit two stitches together through the back loop (one stitch decreased) 

WS - wrong side