merry-go-round baby blanket

White Gum Wool's ultra fine merino is fully sustainable and ethically farmed and is the perfect fibre for a baby blanket. Incredibly white, it's the ideal base for pastel colours that loop through the rainbow.

The merry-go-round blanket is a great beginner level project using knit 2, purl 2 ribbing and stockinette. There are a number of colour changes and to save you having to sew in lots and lots of ends at the end, I've made a couple of videos showing you how to knit in an end as you go:

Weaving in ends on a knit row

Weaving in ends on a purl row

Counting the number of rows you've done in one colour. Yes it does seem rather basic, but when counting the number of colour rows you've done, you need to include the live stitches on your needle, and not just the rows you've already worked. 

sustainable merino baby blanket