Yarn Support

As a small business we do like to support upcoming designers as well as more established designers but we are not able to accept all requests for yarn support.
Yarn support requests will be considered on an individual basis from designers or commissioning publications. The more information we can be provided with upfront, the quicker we will be able to make a decision. Information that will assist with the decision making process includes:
  • Brief pattern/design description
  • Sketches, images and swatches
  • Quantity of yarn required
  • Yarn base requested (if known)
  • Anticipated timeline for pattern release
  • Where the design will be released/publicised (although we are keen to support upcoming designers, wider distribution backed by a magazine/large following will be more appealing to us)
  • Website, social media, blog or Ravelry link so we can see previous work
As a general courtesy please provide us with one month of notice that our yarn has been used before pattern release and share images with us so that we can include them across social media, in the newsletter and include the release on our Design Collaboration page. This is in your interest as well as our own as it means we can collaborate with you to achieve more pattern sales.