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box of scraps

box of scraps

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When I dye Colour Theory, I dye a hank per colour and then split it down into balls. I always have leftovers as I want to make sure no colour is short. I can't bear throwing them away and over the years I've saved them and put them aside. 

As part of my zero waste drive, I'm selling these boxes of ends. Each box has at least 50g which equates to 375m of a heavy laceweight / 2 ply yarn. Each little ball could be from 2m to 10m long.

These are great if you want to do some visible mending, embroidery, or embellish a work with pom poms, tassles, fringes or thrums. 


'it represents far better value than the cashmere yarns I recently bought to mend some cashmere jumpers - a fraction of the amount of yarn and rather more expensive than yours. I’m looking forward to starting on my mending with your lovely yarns and then giving my holey jumpers a new lease of life'

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