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contemplation I

contemplation I

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The lamp once out

cool stars enter

the window frame.

- Natsume Sōseki


A slow walk through a spring wood, smell of earthy goodness, dappled light recharges. Be still, be calm. Quietly knitting a pattern, watching the self striping yarn create undulations in the lace. This is all about contemplation and reflection.

I love seeing how each skein is so individual: the way the indigo has bled, the colour variations. Each shows an echo of its journey in colour.

The simple lace pattern, knitted in the round, creates stripes without having to do any work for it. Block it how you'd like. It's the perfect accessory for warmer weather.

Knitted on 3mm needles using just yarn overs and decreases, this is a perfect introduction to lace knitting. 

Each kit contains:

  • 50g lace weight cashmere yarn, 650m or 711y
  • a pattern card

Finished dimensions after blocking: width 35cm / 13.75 inches, length 40cm / 15.75 inches.


indigo deep: the darkest I can dye with this beautiful botanical. It's my most expensive dye, hence the price

indigo soft: a gentle sea-green colour, with a white spot

indigo spot: the inverse of indigo: mostly white yarn with an occasional indigo spot

indigo and cochineal: these two sit softly side by side


The pattern is the perfect balance between easy to follow repetition and knitting interest, with lace worked on every round, and as you knit the different shades of blue sprinkle themselves prettily across the fabric, gradually forming into stripes you haven’t had to work to create.
- Knitting Magazine Issue 250

I was looking for a stress-busting project! She told me it would be a slow calming  special knit, ideal with an audio book and deckchair. All true! 
- Carol

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