I've knitted up samples in different gauges in my lace weight cashmere to give you an idea of how the fabric looks. Each line is a single gauge, with the number of stitches on the left, and the needle size I used on the right, yours may be different.


43 stitches and 65 rows per 10cm

using 2mm needles

40 stitches and 58 rows per 10cm

using 2.25mm needles

36 stitches and 56 rows per 10cm 

using 2.5 mm needles

33 stitches and 54 rows per 10cm 

using 2.75mm needles

31 stitches and 50 rows per 10cm 

using 3mm needles


yarn held double:

33 stitches and 50 rows per 10cm

using 2.75mm needles

31 stitches and 48 rows per 10cm

using 3mm needles

29 stitches and 46 rows per 10cm

using 3.25mm needles

28 stitches and 44 rows 

using 3.5mm needles

26 stitches and 42 rows per 10cm

using 3.75mm needles