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DK cashmere yarn

DK cashmere yarn

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The most decadent DK yarn on the planet, surely! A really soft, warm yarn with fabulous drape. With 250m / 274y per 100g, this is perfect for 5mm needles and up.

Honeya really rich, warm yellow bordering on mustard but not quite. It's a very versatile colour going brilliantly well with greys and greens. 

English Oak: the most regal of english trees, Charles II hid in one to avoid capture by the Roundheads following the battle of Worcester in 1651. Richmond Park has 350 ancient trees, the oldest oak is 750 years old near Pen Ponds.

Chestnut: this is a very deep rust, closer to moorit than orange. It's the colour you see when you manage to get past the prickly outer conker to expose the glorious chestnut. 

Charcoal: a neutral dark grey, almost black but with a smokiness.

Petrichor: the earthy smell when rain falls on dry soil. OK I know it's not a colour, but that smell is intrinsic to hedgerows after the storm. Low sun, intense golden colours and this beautiful petrol / teal blue.

RedcurrantTart little berries, redcurrants are great as a jelly accompaniment. I find them too sour to enjoy without mountains of sugar, but luckily we're knitting the colour. It grows wild in hedgerows although doesn't produce as much fruit as it would tamed in a garden. It's a very intense, clear red, leaning towards tomato rather than magenta.

Sloeberry: sloe berries from the blackthorn tree very commonly found in hedgerows have quite a bitter skin and are used to make gin. You can pick them from October to December. They look rather like blueberries, a very deep navy with a white blush. This is not an intense navy.

50g skeins = 125m / 137y

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