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coded kit

coded kit

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I’ve often thought how similar knitting instructions and computer code are. They’re both just a set of instructions afterall.

I’ve taken a fairly mathematical pattern idea, repeated it horizontally and then reflected it back on itself. The pattern includes written instructions, and when it came to drawing up the chart, I saw my opportunity to code a Python programme to generate the chart. The result is quite retro, but I think it does the job. I have included the Python code, perhaps you could work out the instructions just from the code?

A caveat: I don’t offer technical support for the code, it’s just for interest’s sake only.

Suggested needle size: 4mm

Yarn: 250g /  625m DK cashmere yarn

Laid flat, length 167cm / 65.75in, width 21cm / 8.25in

Techniques used: twisted stitches, swap stitch (video here)

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