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contemplation II

contemplation II

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old pond

a frog jumps into

the sound of water

- Matsuo Bashō

 translated by Jane Reichhold


Stitch by stitch the pattern unfolds. 

The simple lace pattern, knitted in the round, creates stripes without having to do any work for it. Block it how you'd like. It's the perfect light accessory.

Knitted on 3mm needles using just yarn overs and decreases, this is a perfect introduction to lace knitting. 

Blocked dimensions: width 33 cm / 13 inches, length 50 cm / 19.75 inches.

Unblocked dimensions: width 26 cm / 10.25 inches, length 43 cm / 17 inches.

Each kit contains:

  • 50g lace weight cashmere yarn, 650m or 711y
  • a pattern pdf

Block or unblock, or enjoy unblocked until you need to wash, then block.


indigo deep: the darkest I can dye with this beautiful botanical. It's my most expensive dye, hence the price

indigo soft: a gentle sea-green colour, with a white spot

indigo spot: the inverse of indigo: mostly white yarn with an occasional indigo spot

indigo and cochineal: these two sit softly side by side

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